Language courses provided by Victor’s Education are one-to-one online courses in the form of private lessons tailored for the exact needs of companies or individuals who are aware of the value of elite boutique education.


  • IDENTIFICATION OF THE NEEDS: Special package programs
  • GUIDANCE: Consultancy and Educational Guidance
  • COMMUNICATION: You can ask and request from us anytime you want
  • SUSTAINIBILTY: Option to continue with the same tutor until the end of the program
  • TUTORS:  Native and Native-like selection
  • LEVELS: Level nomiation according to CEFR
  • RESCHEDULING: You can reschedule the lessons you cant attend
  • FREEZING: You can freeze the package whenever you want
  • CERTIFICATION: Certificate of level completion
  • GUARANTEE: 100% speaking guarantee
  • TRANSLATION: Very fast, noterized translation services when needed

Firstly, choose one or more of our language courses among French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Then request our offer. After the payment, you will start your online courses over Zoom platform. Finally, you will be able to speak the language you want and be certified.










Three Stars

Native-Speaker Tutor

Learn the language from a native speaker Tutor

Two Stars

Native Like Tutor

A tutor who speaks the language just like a native speaker.


A1 Level


A2 Level


B1 Level


B2 Level


C1 Level

Hjordis Sertifika

I believe we are learning Swedish in a fun and interactive way thanks to the well planned course schedule in addition to our tutors excellent experience in teaching. The main takeaway from each applied lesson is much more memoriable comparing to pure theorical grammar and writing lessons.

Specialist Dr. C. Ermiş

Victor’s Education is really much more than a language school. Learning Swedish here is amazingly fun. We are not only learning the grammar and speaking but also all the fun facts and the culture. I am very thankful to our tutor and my classmates!

Dr. M. Adıyaman

Victor's Edu crew is very good in teaching ???? Thanks a lot!

Güray Gülerİzmir

Can PeşkersoyQBIS Business Systems, Sweden

I am happy to get consultacy from Victor's Education about Sweden. Everything was very explicit and clear.

Günay HüseynovaEge University, Faculty of Medicine

I was looking for a quality English course but I failed to find for a long time and I found the correct address. They recommended me to study with one of his British tutors. I am thankful to my tutor who gives fun and effective courses and to Victor's Edu team who are very good at identifying the needs and targets.

Koray OlçumKent Hospital, Dept. of Radiology

I felt that my daughter's English was retarding and started to look for a language school. I am glad to meet Victor's Edu as they are very accomodating and knowledgeable. We prepared the course plan together and I believe we started to get the benefits right from the beginning. Thank you Victor's Edu team

Fatih KUTLUCAN3rd Main Jet Base in Cigli

Hallo After moving to Austria, I felt the need of learning German. I think lessons went very smoothly even at A1 level as I was sceptical about myself. After a long quest I met Victor's Education and my German tutor. Her patience, knowledge, and effort brought me selfconfidence. Highly recommended fun and effective courses. Regards from Villach

Ufuk TaşkınVillach, Avustria

Learning a new language such as Swedish with Victor's Education crew brings a new dimension to a student's life thanks to their ability in interpreting the world with their global experience.

Barış TekinVolvo Cars, Sweden

J'ai développé mon français que j'ai appris dans le passé, en très peu de temps avec Mme.Rose. Ce sera encore plus utile, surtout s'il est synchronisé avec l'anglais. Le plus grand avantage est que vous pouvez parler des problèmes actuels. Merci beaucoup ?‍♂️

Alper ÇanakçıBisan R&D

I belive we multiplied our productivity at the bottleneck areas in operations, sales and HR departments thanks to tutoring and consultancy both in English and Turkish. Best regards to Victor's Education team!

Onur ÇevikCOFCO International

I encountered with Victor's Education right after I left my previous job where I had been working for many years. It was christal clear right at the first meeting that, this is going to be different than a conventional language teaching that I used to. In line with my specific needs within the logistics field, we carried my English to the next level in a very short time. On top of that I may say that this also easied me to start my own business.

Fatih KaraoğluHeka Logistics

As I am an import specialist at Panasonic, I needed to improve my professional business English. I am very glad that I got all the import and supply procedures online from Victor's Education, even without leaving home.

Dicle YakutPanasonic

I'm already seeing the benefits of my Professional English course! I recommend it to everyone! Thanks Victor's Edu! ???

Eftal Pehlivanİzmir Steel & Iron

I am an electrical-electronics student. During my English course period, Victor’s Education has been very helpful. By that way, not only I can talk more confident, but also I learned plenty of new vocabulary. It may be the best language center I have been so far.

Doruk Efe Mercanİzmir

Tutors in Victor's Education is a very equipped and loving. We had the chance to spend a lot of time during the courses. Thanks to our tutor, my general knowledge was improved together with my English. Our tutor's attitude helped me to easily overcame my shyness. I am so grateful for the things he contributed to me.

Gülnihal Cankurtİzmir

In my opinion, Victor's Education is the master of professional business English that is teaching with, out of the box methods and by experience. Thanks a lot

Ahmet Can PehlivanKocaer Steel Company

Victor's Education supported us on the way of understaning the engineers and auditors visiting us from different countries better, with a focus to manufacturing, production and R&D departments. Our employees learned how to communicate professionally in English while handling confidentiality, technical and commercial contacts written and orally. As a result of Victor's Education's know how transfer to our company, we measured increase in productivity in all our new international projects after 6 months.

İlker HergüllüAlkın Compressors

After moving to Ukraine, I needed to learn more Russian and glad to meet with Victor and his team. I improved my Russian in a short period. If you would like to have a professional approach i will definately recommend Victor's Education. Thanks again

Enis OzgelSyntech Software, Кривий Ріг

Я получил образование в Victor’s Edu для коммуникации с моей женой и её семьёй! спасибо большое ?

Çağlar PolatoğluAB SBAB, Sweden

While getting prepared for the French exam, I was very pleased with my French tutor. She not only provided tips and tricks about the exam but also tried to keep my motivation high at all times. I like the way that, she prioritizes the student's success. During the same period, also my husband got English lessons. I would definitely recommend Victor's Edu to those who want to take quality private lessons.

Hilal & Namık Kemal Yıldızİstanbul

English lessons are going excellent. Have no idea how the time flies. The selection of the source books are right to the point and discussing over the up to date topics are engaging us

Figen DerinceSF Textile

We progressed very rapidly in a limited time with my French tutor at Victor's. Loves!

Candan CengizKoç University

As a person who is 61 and with a grandchild, I started learning Spanish with pleasure! Gracias!

Hüseyin YıldızSamsun

Highly recommended Italian course at Victor’s! ?? Intensive and professional online privat classes but very personal at the same time. The tutor is very enthusiastic and always a great atmosphere. Bravissima esperienza! ?

Hjordis WagenaarAustria

Normally I am not a very motivated person to learn a new langauge as I am working intenstively. But now I am longing for the next lesson and I find myself studying English which is very strange for me ?  

Mert GürlerSF Textile

We are very lucky to meet Mr. Serhat at Victor’s Edu. After studying together to pass the TOEFL exam, my kid Eren stepped up to a higher classroom in his school. Thanks you!

Zuhal Öztürkİstanbul

I am someone who seeks a lot before deciding. After all my reseraches, I am happy to claim that you have absolutely no competitors. Thank you very much Victor's Education. The native-teachers were the best fit for my needs. Our British tutor did not have only great teaching methods, but he was also very conversationalist. I got 3 packages and time flew smoothly for me. I am more than happy to meet you guys. Thank you for your all efforts, the great sources and friendship. Hope to see you again.

Özge AslanJohn Good Logistics

With Victor’s Education, I felt that I improved my speaking skill in a short time and gained self-confidence to speak more fluently. I feel fortunate to participate the courses of a very contemporary, knowledgeable and sympathetic tutor thanks to his global insights. Strongly adviced!

Melis BalcılarMelixDesign

Thank you very much Victor’s Education. My goal was to speak Russian fluently and after 40-lessons we did it. I am at a better level than I expected right now, thanks to the hard work of my tutor. I learned Russian, but I got a job offer from Sweden. J J thank you very much ?????

İbrahim ŞahinSundsvall, Sweden

Even though the international business language goes ok with English, the German courses appeared as very helpful especially when it comes to doing business with our German customers. In the beginning it was pretty hard, but now, even after 6 months, both we and our customers are more than satisfied.

İbrahim BaykulSygenta Business Services

I started to learn English for the first time ever with Mr. Serhat. Fortunately, it was online, without leaving home, without wasting time in traffic and with a dedicated teacher, I have started to improve my grammar.

Elif Toramanİzmir

Thanks a lot for all your work ???    

Hülya HazırDokuz Eylül University, Department of History

It is truly unrivaled in professional English. ??

Gobustone EuropeGobustone

I was an agricultural engineer with B1 level English. In order to reach to C1 level, I found this unique center to with a focus to professional English based on speaking and negotiation, especially relevant to agriculturing.

Fulin BabürVilmorin Seed Generation

Thank you again for all the motivation and preperation of a 6-month study with Mr Paul for Yaşar University English proficiency exam.

Ezgi YilmazAnkara

We received our company's English and Russian courses from Victor’s Education. We increased our productivity, especially in professional English and general Russian with his professional and financial knowledge. Thank you again.

Evren Çelikkolİstanbul

I have been working in the tourism sector for many years and you helped me a lot to improve my language skills. Thank you very much ?

Erkan BertanYaşar University

Thank you very much for your support. Thanks to special Toefl courses I scored 99 in a short time ?

Ebru Yeşilyurtİstanbul

We raised our total turnover by expending our sales force in multiple markets thanks to English, Swedish and French courses that we had from Victor's Edu for our staff. Now we are ready for the summer! 🙂

Deniz AltıntaşLuna Yatching

I am very pleased with the pro business Eng education I've received thanks to the teams global experience. It was not only a language education but also consultancy ??

Berkay TürkcanHardware 365

Mr. Serhat is the one for me in English ??

Alev DurkayaSına Textile CO.

I found Victor's teaching style very useful for someone starting from scratch in Swedish ?? Thank you very much for providing me even the slight details, starting from the alphabet and many other things needed in daily life. Tack så mycket för detaljerade lektioner ?

Gizem Şebnem SunalTurkish Economy Bank

My son is still attending the French course. We are very happy with its progress.

Işın Koçakİzmir

In addition to the English courses, all my questions about the lessons were meticulously answered day and night. I also started Spanish because I was satisfied, thanks ...

Deniz ÖzkanNarlidere Belediyesi

Our dear Serhat teacher is a very successful and good educator when I took English lessons from him. ?

Dr. Yudum Akkuşİzmir

Quotation and Payment

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  2. After you receive your offer, you have the option to pay also with Paypal.