• Victor’s Education is a Swedish consultancy and boutique education brand, established to provide both B2B and B2C services, based on 21 years of global academic and private sector experience from 40 countries. We continuesly try to strive the Swedish quality with minimum costs, in order to Support International Individual & Corporate Development!
  • We serve online 1 to 1 individual language courses in English, Swedish, French, German, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek and Arabic.
  • Our uniqueness in the sector is we see ourselves as the best professional / vocational English provider (consultant indeed) as we believe this is the field of consultants who has enough managerial, sectoral and global experience rather than the field of regular language teachers. More over, in our mainpage you can find out the references of the companies we served so far, in addition to our blog where you may find out the stories we had with different international first, from world’s giants to local ones.
  • Our second focal point is Swedish language and Swedish culture.

01. Mission Statement

To illuminate the path of individuals and organizations’ business and life aims via bringing in professional multiple language skill sets together with a business expertise field

Language International

02. Vision Statement

1 person = minimum 3 languages and 1 expertise area

Swedish Quality

03. Our Goals

  • Boosting individuals and organizations business making knowledge and communication skills to global standards by being the ultimate professional English address in the region
  • Providing top quality 1 to 1 boutique language education together with consultancy
  • Providing corporate consultancy to companies in order to maximize their profits and HR productivity

Victor’s Education Elevates Global Language Proficiency with Swedish Quality