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You never ask  men about  salary, women about  age and student about the exams! Some say that we  cannot avoid the trio of exam, taxes and death righly so. While the season of exam is on and we have to do it anyways, i decided to try and address some issues that we all face in general but specifically in exams, FOCUS!

Focus or concentration is something that is only achievable through practice and will. Our mind has 86 Billion Nerve cells its like a super duper computer in the head but not easy to control. How fast it goes from preparations of  maths exam to future plannings,  history to conspiracy theories, physics   watching endless YouTube videos. we all know. Should we let it be? if you are willing to have more control and focus this exams, this read is for you

Meditation has almost become prescribed medicine now. In our world filled with excessive information and disinformation &  hue and cry its the best dose of fresh air that mesmerize and refreshes your thought process. It has become a regular practice in many schools to start the day with meditating being compulsory for students and not surprisingly, getting positive results. If you do not know about the techniques and types, simply close your eyes. sit in comfortable position and breath deep. Inhale from mouth and exhale form nostrils.  Try to be blank in your mind for at least few moments , later, increase the timings.

Social Bindings 
We say friends are not in life. rather life is in friends. But we,  sometimes, shape our social circle in a way that there is little space for  self actualization. Exams seasons should be isolation from your fun zone. You have to make friends understand that how crucial it is. May be shift of plans to later dates, shift of gossips to later weeks. Learn to say No. And they should understand you too, if they don’t, are they even friends? Once you are through the exams, better make it up for the lost time, celebrating your grades. well if you have, with friends! and be watchful of the hands not clapping on your success!

Notifications, inbox, and tweets, you name it. Its hard to spend a minute without looking at the screens of our digital cage. Once we use it while we do something demanding prime focus, we get divergent and then strayed. what could be done?

Turning the most active apps on the last screens, may help. Make it hard to reach. Use them as lucrative bonuses to self, like after an hour of studies i will treat me with 10 minutes of Instagram scroll. Use some notification cleaner apps. Do not post/share anything that raises comments and later you get back to check, specially the studying hard, books statuses, well you can if your teachers are added too 🙂 Lastly, try to use a boring theme and dim light that makes it undesirable to touch.

Its probably the only external factor in our hand. We have to first keep a check and choose a sitting place wisely. Some points to consider. Make the chair and desk spacious and clean. Don’t use highlighters that Rather messes things up. Use Lamps and sun light rather fluorescent lighting. Collect everything you need prior to sitting so you do not have distortions to pick up your repeatedly. Select the timings wisely, lets say, in the day times for more analytical subjects like maths and evenings for more theory. Cover up things like posters, games or pictures,  in visible range with covers etc.Try using contrasting colors when take notes that are easy to have a brain image. Use black pen instead of blue as it gives impressions of something more important.  Visual focus exercises: 
Expert of mind sciences suggest using visual focus exercise cause significant positive impact on the brain. They are not more than some images that you constantly look for some time. Easily down loadable and found, have one pasted on the wall or shelf covers. Stay positive, energetic and focused. Its the first stair of the success ladder.  Remember;

“What you stay focused on will grow.”
― Roy T. Bennett

M. Farooq